Fixed Metal or Ceramic Braces

Traditional clear metal braces are still the Golden Standard for moving teeth. Fixed appliances consist of metal or clear ceramic brackets that are bonded to each individual tooth and are connected by a wire. With traditional metal or ceramic braces, we can treat the most complex cases.

Fixed appliances will continue to be the treatment of choice for most children and many adults. Clear aligners, like Invisalign, are most often not indicated in growing children and cannot always address the most severe problems in adults.

Dr. Broess uses the most modern state of the art metal and ceramic brackets. These braces are very small and comfortable. The wires we use are super flexible space-age wires. This ensures your treatment will go fast with very little discomfort.

The choice of selecting metal or ceramic braces is very individual. Both metal and ceramic braces will give you the smile you always wanted.

Clear Metal Braces

Ceramic clear braces vs metal braces

Esthetics: One of the biggest reasons that patients love Ceramic braces is they are not as visually obvious as Metal braces. Their enamel-like color makes them harder to spot and reduces their visibility while boosting confidence.

Food staining: The rubber bands used to connect the braces to your teeth are porous and can become discolored as a result. With metal brackets, patients can choose different colors. However, with the ceramic brackets, patients often choose clear elastics. Unfortunately, the clear elastics stain easier than the colored ones. At every appointment, we change the elastics so if you are careful not to eat foods that can stain the elastics your ceramic brackets will continue to look nearly invisible.

Treatment time: Ceramic braces have more friction when sliding over the wire. For some treatments, Ceramic braces can extend the total treatment time slightly. Dr. Broess will advise you on this.

Comfortable: There is generally no difference in comfort between Metal or Ceramic braces. Ceramic braces are slightly bigger and as such can for some patients cause more discomfort initially. Once you are used to the braces there are no differences in comfort between the two.

Affordable: Ceramics may cost a little more than metal braces.

Durability: Metal braces are stronger than Ceramic braces. The Ceramic bracket can easier fracture when eating hard foods.

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