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Adult Orthodontic Treatment

Most adults we see at our office for an orthodontic consultation are unhappy with the aesthetics of their smile. With clear aligners like Invisalign and cheaper generic alternatives, there is no reason not to go ahead with orthodontic treatment and achieve the smile you want. The average treatment time for adults is 9-14 months with clear aligners. Often the cost is less than traditional braces.

Sometimes fixed appliances are the only option and the new state of the art 3M ceramic braces are a great alternative to Invisalign when the misalignment is too severe.

Many adults have left misaligned teeth untreated for years. Doing so can cause significant oral health problems such as chewing difficulty, tooth decay, and gum disease. Not only does orthodontics give you the smile you want, but orthodontic treatments will also improve your bite, and reduce the future risk of decay and periodontal disease. Modern developments in orthodontic technology have resulted in an experience that is more comfortable, more effective, and more discrete for patients undergoing orthodontic treatments.

Adult Orthodontics
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Frequently Asked Questions About Adult Orthodontics

There’s a misconception that adult teeth have become fixed in place and cannot benefit from orthodontic treatment. While it’s true that adult jawbones have become firmer and more resistant to change, it’s still possible to adjust the position of teeth and produce a beautiful smile. Over 1.5 million adults receive orthodontic care every year based on data from 2016, and that number is only rising.

When your jaw and teeth are properly aligned there are fewer spaces for bacteria and plaque to hide when you’re cleaning your teeth. This helps to prevent decay and gum disease. Improperly aligned teeth result in additional wear and tear that can cause serious problems over time. Fixing the alignment of your teeth helps them work properly and eliminates this abnormal wear and tear, extending the lifespan of your natural teeth and saving expensive replacement of worn teeth with crowns.

While missing teeth can change the exact nature of your orthodontic treatment, most patients can benefit from orthodontic treatment even with missing teeth. Depending on the details of your oral health it might be possible to adjust your teeth by moving them closer together rather than leaving a gap for an implant or bridge. The specifics of your treatment will be discussed during a consultation with Dr. Broess.

When you see advertisements saying you can get perfect teeth in just a visit or two, they’re talking about cosmetic treatments. These cosmetic treatments don’t actually address the problems with your teeth, instead, they put a good face on them while leaving the actual problem intact. Porcelain veneers, lumineers, and other treatments don’t correct your dental alignment, they just give your teeth the appearance of being straight. While this is a valid option for some patients, it doesn’t implicitly improve the lifespan of your natural teeth.

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