Facts and Myths about clear aligners

I was told years ago my bite was too complicated for Invisalign.

That might have been true then but nowadays Dr Broess can treat the most complicated bites with clear aligners. Even if you need extractions due to severe crowding. In difficult cases we can even do a hybrid treatment. We would use fixed appliances for the most complicated movements and do the rest with clear aligners. In this way the patient would only have fixed appliances for a couple of months and enjoy clear aligners for most of their treatment. The best of both worlds!

Clear aligners are only for Adults

Partly true. We can now correct many orthodontic issues in teenagers with clear aligners. However, some orthodontic treatments in children still require fixed appliances.

I can do my orthodontics myself

Companies like Smile Club Direct and Candid make you believe you can do your orthodontics yourself. Do not be fooled. Yes, moving teeth is easy. However, creating beautiful smiles with a functioning bite and without causing harm to the teeth, jaw bones and gum tissues is difficult and requires the expertise of an orthodontic specialist to diagnose and design your treatment properly. The clear aligners from the do it yourself companies will move your teeth but at a great risk for your health and chewing functionality. Read some of the horror stories on Reddit and you will think twice. It is possible to mess up your bite so badly that it cannot be reversed.

I wear my aligners only at night

The minimum daily time to wear your clear aligners is 22 hours. Don’t believe companies who advertise their aligners to work with only night time wear. The tissues around your teeth need 24/7 pressure to allow tooth movement. You cannot change biology.

Clear aligners are expensive.

Not anymore. In October 2017 many of Invisalign patents expired making it possible for other companies to develop clear aligner systems. Companies like 3M have developed Clarity clear aligner which rivals Invisalign in quality and outcome while significantly lowering the cost. We also have an in house clear aligner system that works great for simple movements at a 1/3 of the cost for Invisalign.